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Jason Marsh - Deputy Commissioner

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Jason K. Marsh became a member of the Virgin Islands Police Department in July 1996.  After graduation from the Police Academy in February of 1997 (which was the first Housing Police Class), Marsh started regular rotation as all probationary officers are required to complete. During rotation, Marsh met Cpl. Denise White who at the time was the Corporal in charge of the Bicycle Unit. Cpl. White recruited him into the Bicycle Unit where he became a member while on rotation at the Richard N. Callwood Command, Zone A.  His rotation continued throughout the different zones to include St. John where he also became a member of the bicycle patrol.  After Marsh finished his rotation, he was assigned to Zone A, and became a permanent member of the Bicycle Unit.  While in the unit, he traveled to many Caribbean Islands and rode with their departments.  The unit also went to West Palm Beach where he also rode with that department for a week. While on bike patrol, he was responsible for mainly the downtown area, however, the unit covered areas as far as Havensight going east and Altona going west.  Marsh was able to experience his first version of Community Oriented Policing by being in constant contact with the many store owners and tourist and built relationships that continue to exist up to today.

Marsh served the downtown community for several years before he requested a transfer to the Special Operations Bureau.  His transfer to the Special Operations Bureau was a different experience compared to bike patrol.  At Special Operations he received specialized training and continuous training in tactics, building entry and several other areas.  Marsh was able to be a part of the team in the service of outstanding warrants and many special detail assignments.  After serving in Special Operations for several years, he requested a transfer back to patrol so he could continue to broaden his knowledge of policing.  He was reassigned to the bicycle unit where he served for a few more years.

Throughout Marsh’s career, he was always interested in becoming an investigator.  Eventually, he requested a transfer to the Criminal Investigation Bureau. While in the Criminal Investigation Bureau, he investigated various types of crimes to include rape, robbery, and assault, to name a few.  While working in the Criminal Investigation Bureau, he became a part of the Major Crime Unit. 

During Marsh’s time in the Major Crime Unit, he attended Homicide Trainings and Seminars.  As a part of the Major Crime Unit, he was able to investigate several homicides and brought them to successful convictions. While assigned to Major Crime, in January 2010, he was promoted to the rank of Police Sergeant.  Marsh worked as a supervisor in Major Crime and was eventually transferred supervisor of patrol unit at the Richard N. Callwood Command (Zone A) where he supervised a great squad of officers. 

On December 18, 2011, Marsh was transferred to the Internal Affairs and Applicant Screening Bureau.  During his assignment at the Internal Affairs Bureau, he attended various trainings to include Internal Affairs Courses, Interview and Interrogation, and several supervisory courses.  Marsh was afforded the opportunity to participate in the Use of Force Instructor Training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and became a certified Use of Force Instructor and attended the Force Science Institute where he became certified for the program.  He also attended the FBI-LEEDA supervisory courses to include the Supervisory Leadership Institute, Command Institute, and the Executive Leadership Course which afforded him the Trilogy Award Recipient. These three courses enabled him to become a better supervisor and view supervision and management in perspective for the betterment of the organization. 

On February 6, 2015, while in the supervisory position in the Internal Affairs Bureau, Marsh was promoted to the title of the Acting Director of the Internal Affairs Bureau and was the tasked with oversight and management of the Bureau in both districts.  Marsh became the point person of the Use of Force Work Group and aided in the development of the several policies to include the departments Force Investigation Team and Force Review Board. 

On June 1, 2016, Marsh was appointed the Police Chief in the St. Thomas/St. John district where he was in charge of police operations.  As Chief of Police, he along with members of the department organized basketball tournaments and social events for the officers and the community.  

On July 24, 2017, Marsh was appointed the Deputy Commissioner of Professional Standards where he oversees several areas to include, Internal Affairs, Human Resources, Planning and Research, Audit and Training. 

In January 2018 Marsh attended the FBI National Academy (FBINA) at Quantico, VA.  He graduated in March 2018 and became a graduate of Session #271.  At the Academy, Marsh successfully passed classes that included legal issues affecting law enforcement, leadership classes, fitness, and addressing at-risk employees in the workforce.  This training along with the various trainings received throughout his career has allowed him to be a well-rounded individual to aid in the forward movement of the department.  The training at the FBINA has enabled Marsh and the police department to network with over 200 individuals from various cities and countries throughout the world. 

Marsh believes that one major key to bridging gaps is open communication.

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