Protect and Serve


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Virgin Islands Police Department is to ensure the safety and protect the life and property of the inhabitants and visitors of the Virgin Islands; to prevent crime, preserve the public peace and tranquility; to detect and arrest criminal offenders; to enforce all laws , ordinances and provisions of the V. I. Code over which the Department has jurisdiction; and to perform, other related duties as directed by the Police Commissioner.

Department Objectives

The primary objective of the Virgin Islands Police Department is to protect the rights of all persons within its jurisdiction to be free from criminal attack, to be secure in their possession, and to live in peace. The Department serves the people of the Virgin Islands by performing law enforcement and public safety functions in a professional manner, and it is to the people of the Virgin Islands that the Department is ultimately responsible.

The Department is empowered by statute to perform certain law enforcement and order maintenance functions while recognizing the statutory and judicial limitations of police authority and the constitutional rights of all persons. The functions of the Police Department may be appropriately categorized as Department objectives. The objectives to which the Department are committed are:

  • Prevention of Crime
  • Deterrence of Crime
  • Apprehension of Offenders
  • Recovery and Return of Property
  • Movement of Traffic
  • Public Safety
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