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CIT (Community Integration Team)

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Liaison Between the VIPD and the Community

The purpose of the Community Integration Team (CIT) is to leverage resources, talents, knowledge and influence on law enforcement issues which affect the community and provide a contact point to obtain general advice on policing matters that affect the Territory. The community-based approach to planning and problem-solving facilitates the goals of the VIPD. In addition, this approach will significantly increase the quality of public service the VIPD can provide. The CIT brings its unique knowledge, experience and skills to complement the knowledge and skills of the VIPD to effectively provide the community with best practices, enforcement and public service. The CIT’s role includes:
  • Complementing the VIPD’s mission and vision with the unique knowledge and skills found in the community.
  • Providing a link between the community and the police department.
  • Keeping in touch with local current events and trends and informing the VIPD of such changes.
  • Keeping the VIPD in tune with the public’s needs, concerns and issues.
  • Providing VIPD with data that allows it to anticipate issues and concerns, resulting in better communications.
  • Promoting the mission of the department to the community.
  • Assuring quality and customer service from the department though open communication with the department’s commanders and administration.
Each CIT has developed measurable objectives for the CIT/VIPD partnership that have been reviewed by the Police Commissioner and approved. The respective island 2010-2011 partnership objectives are: 


  • New goals coming soon.


Mission Statement: “To enhance the quality of life of the St. John community as a whole through a partnership with the Virgin Islands Police Department that identifies community issues related to public safety by creating initiatives that produce measured results.”
  • Facilitate Meetings to Encourage the Establishment of Neighborhood Watch Groups
  • Initiate Actions to Encourage Construction Company Trucks to Comply with Road Safety Rules
  • Encourage St. John Residents to become Auxiliary Police Officers Through Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Encourage Additional Police Training Especially in Customer Service and Crime Scene Procedures
  • Encourage and Suggest Methods of Police Community Outreach


  • New goals coming soon.
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