Protect and Serve

Office of the Chiefs of Police

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Steven Phillip       Sean Santos
Acting Chief of Police        Acting Chief of Police 
 St. Thomas/ St. John District       St. Croix District 

Uston Cornelius       Clayton Brown
  Acting Deputy Chief of Police       Acting Deputy Chief of Police 
St. Croix       St. John

The Chiefs of Police have the overall responsibility and authority of all activities of the Police Division. The Police Division is the operational element of the Department and is organized into the Offices of the Chief of Police in each District. These Offices are specifically charged with the responsibility for supervising, controlling and maintaining the delivery of police services to the community. The Chiefs shall exercise authority and be directly responsible for the supervision and direction of all staff and line functions of the Police Division in the Territory. The Chiefs shall perform other functions as may be prescribed by the Commissioner, through the Assistant Commissioner.

The Chiefs will be assisted by three Deputy Chiefs of Police, who shall have administrative and operational authority of the Police Division through the Police Chiefs. The Police Division is organized into five bureaus: PatrolCriminal InvestigationTrafficSpecial Operations and Communications. It is further organized into three Districts: St. Thomas/Water Island District; St. Croix District; & St. John District. A Deputy Chief shall head each District Police Division.

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