Protect and Serve

K-9 Unit

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Since the dawn of ancient civilizations, dogs have been called to service for civil, military, and defense purposes. At present, law enforcement agencies and the military utilize canines in a variety of capacities including as: patrol partners; apprehension assistants; trackers/locators/scouts; alerts; relayers; substance detectors including drugs, explosives, accelerants (arson investigation) and other contraband; guards/deterrents; and more. These dogs, along with their trainers and handlers, continue to provide a wide range of services, in several disciplines and situations, in our society.

Around the world, Police, Fire and other civil K-9s are called upon daily to protect and serve citizens. Similarly, in government service around the world, Detector Dogs are keeping us safer by locating explosives, narcotics, and other dangerous substances. In war and peace times, from mine detection to locating wounded soldiers, the stories of service by Military Working Dogs (MWDs) and their handlers are impressive.

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