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Marine Unit

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History of the Blue Lightening Strike Force

The Police Marine Unit commonly referred to as the Blue Lightening Strike Force was established in 1988, and has become an integral part of the Virgin Islands Police Department. The Strike Force’s mission was and still is to patrol Territorial waters, conduct drug interdiction initiatives, search, rescue, and recovery at sea, and assist in the prevention of illegal entry into the United States via the United States Virgin Islands boarders. The Strike Force is a well-recognized and highly respected marine response unit within the Virgin Islands. It supports both local and federal agencies, as well as, neighboring islands. From the unit’s inception, the old Marine Corp barracks has been its home base of operations. On October 8, 2003 a ribbon cutting ceremony marked a new era for Blue Lightening, as the doors of the present facilities opened. The state of the art administrative building and warehouse fill a tremendous void, and are the realization of a plan that was over ten years in the making. The new facility, which replaced an old trailer, is evidence of the collaborative efforts of the local and federal governments, the military, and the private sector. Following the aftermath of September 11, the Blue Lightening Strike Force must play an even greater role in protecting this Territory and the Homeland.
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