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Compliance and Change Management Unit

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Capt. Mirrett Benta

  • St. Croix:

    (340) 778-2211

  • St. Thomas/St. John:

    (340) 774-2211

The Compliance and Change Management Unit (CCMU) is a territorial unit housed within the Office of Professional Standards. The CCMU facilitates and audits compliance with the Virgin Islands Police Department policies and procedures; to enable the department to sustain reforms, and maintain consistency in training, policy redevelopment, and revisions, as needed to continue and further constitutionally best police practices. The audit and inspection process ensures that operational controls are maintained and that all units' practices, procedures, and efforts conform to Department rules, policies, orders, regulations, and existing laws. Generally, the CCMU focuses on auditing, policies, planning, and training associated with initial and sustained Consent Decree compliance and management of initiatives that result in organizational change.  

Assigned to the Unit is a Consent Decree Coordinator, Sergeants, and Civilian Auditors, who report to the Commander.  Personnel executing assigned responsibilities and assignments are considered acting in the name of the Police Commissioner or his designee.

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