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Crime Prevention Bureau

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Capt. Sandra Colbourne

Officer In Charge
  • (340) 776-1525


Most residents viewed crime as inevitable, and its prevention as the job of the police. Today, three out of four residents believe that they can personally take actions to reduce crime, and that their neighborhoods, and communities can act to prevent crime.

However, success in crime prevention requires action by both individuals and groups... by people from all walks of life. Groups such as civic organizations, law enforcement, schools, and businesses form effective working partnerships to reduce crime and the fear of crime in their communities while strengthening community ties. Crime prevention is a team effort which works best when all members become involved.


To strive to obtain the highest possible degree of cooperation between citizens and members of the Department, by promoting an understanding of police policies and problems associated with mobilizing citizens' participation in community problems and issues, supplies information about police programs, and plan and coordinate all departmental activities which are designed to attain increased community respect and cooperation.

In addition, the bureau will contain the Police Athletic League and Recruitment Sections. Placement of these functions in the Community Affairs Bureau shall enhance the chances of successfully accomplishing their respective programs and objectives.

The bureau will perform such duties and assignments as directed by the Police Commissioner or his designee. The Commissioner or designee will oversee any/all recommended programming, procedures or activities promulgated by or through this bureau.

The bureau will create and maintain the bond between the Virgin Islands Police Department and the community which is necessary to develop an aggressive yet practical means of Crime Prevention, thus incorporating every viable segment of the community as to its objectivity.
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