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Executive Security Unit

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Don Peter

Acting Director
  • (340) 776-1525

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands by Section 1 of the Revised Organic Act of 1954 of the Virgin Islands, as amended, and by Act 5265, the Government Reorganization and Consolidation Act of 1987, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1:

  • There is hereby established within the Virgin Islands Police Department an Executive Security Unit to be under the jurisdiction, control, and direction of the Commissioner of the Virgin Islands Police Department and the Governor.

  • The functions of the Executive Security Unit shall be limited to: protecting the Governor and Lieutenant Governor on a 24-hour basis, within and outside the Virgin Islands, dignitary escort and accompanying officials of the Governor's Office, vehicular transportation, protection of the Governor's and Lieutenant Governor's official residence, arid such other related activities or duties as the Governor may assign.

  • The Executive Security Unit shall confer, consult, and cooperate with governmental department and agencies engaged in law enforcement on local, federal and regional levels to ensure the Governor's and any other assigned individual's protection.

  • The Executive Security Unit shall be headed by a Director, designated by the Commissioner and approved by the Governor, who shall supervise the Security Unit. All members of the Security Unit, including those on loan from other departments and agencies, shall be accountable to and under the direct control and supervision of the Director.

  • All members of the Security Unit shall be in the unclassified service. All members of the Security Unit on leave from any other department or agency, shall retain their respective ranks and seniority within those departments and agencies and shall be entitled to take any promotional examinations that will be administered to those Departments' or agencies' employees during the member's tenure with the Security Unit subject to the provisions of Title 3, Section 592, Chapter 25, Virgin Islands Code, and any applicable collective bargaining agreement. Upon the member's successful completion of such examination, the member may elect to return to the department or agency and shall be granted the same promotional consideration as the employees of such department or agency. Upon their return, the members of the Security Unit shall be entitled to receive such salary increases and other present employment benefits to which they are entitled.

Mission And Objectives

The Executive Security Bureau is mandated by executive order to carry out two significant missions: protection and criminal investigations.


The Bureau is responsible for the protection of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, and their families on a twenty-four-hour basis, within and outside the Territory; protection of their offices and official residences, and such other related activates or duties the Police Commissioner may assign, i.e. protection of visiting heads of state and other dignitary escorts, to include senior officials of the governor's office; plans and implements security operations for state sanctioned special events.

Criminal Investigation

The Bureau is also responsible to investigate threats against the protected individuals. The Bureau also investigates violations of laws relating to any act(s) of terrorism and threats.

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