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Police Chaplains

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The Virgin Islands Police Department created a Chaplain position in 1960. This is a volunteer position with great responsibility to VIPD as well as our community and the citizens we serve.

Because police work can become very emotional for the officers and the public we serve, the Police Chaplain works to meet the needs of both the Officer and citizen who may need some help.

Our Chaplain will aid with officer during their shifts and will also be on call to support and assist both officers and victims of trauma that they may come in contact with.

The Police Chaplain is better equipped with knowledge to listen with empathy and calmly advise officers in an appropriate manner.

The Virgin Island Police Chaplains are:

St. Thomas/St. John/Water Island:

Pastor Bentley Thomas

Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

St. Croix:

Pastor Arnaldo Gonzalez

Seventh Day Adventist Church

The Police Chaplain's Duties:

  • Counsel Police Officers and other members of the Police Department
  • Counsel the families of Police Officers and other member of the department
  • Visit sick or injured officers and departmental members at home or in the hospital
  • Make death notifications
  • Provide assistance to victims
  • Teach officer in areas such as stress management, ethics, and family life
  • Do patrol ride-along with officers
  • Serve as liaison with other Clergy in the community
  • Furnish expert answers for religious questions
  • Offer prayers at special events
  • Serve on Review Boards, Award Boards, and other Committees
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