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Police Commissioner Announces Opening of Red Hook Substation

February 17, 2010
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Coral Bay Mobile Substation Opening to Follow

Police Commissioner Novelle E. Francis, Jr. announced Wednesday the long awaited opening of the Red Hook Police Substation.

The substation has been in operation since mid January and serves the East End and Red Hook area of St. Thomas. The substation is located amid a thriving business environment and the hub of ferry transportation between the islands of St. Thomas and St. John. Hundreds of residents and visitors traverse this area daily.

“The opening of the Red Hook substation at the East End Plaza fulfills a promise I made when I accepted the position of Virgin Islands Police Commissioner,” said Novelle E. Francis Jr. “It is also the realization of a commitment from the De Jongh/Francis administration to expand visible police presence to additional areas of the islands.”

Commissioner Francis thanked the owner of the Plaza, Richardo J. Charaf, who donated the offices that house the substation saying: “This commitment on the behalf of the business community reflects the type of partnership we encourage at the VIPD. Positive changes occur when the community works hand in hand with the police department.”

Commissioner Francis shared some good news for St. John residents too. He announced that Coral Bay residents will soon see the mobile substation operational in that area.

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