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Police Commissioner Signs Agreement with VI Housing Authority

October 27, 2010
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Police Commissioner Novelle E. Francis, Jr. signs a Memorandum of Agreement On Tuesday, October 26 Police Commissioner Novelle E. Francis, Jr. signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Virgin Islands Housing Authority. The agreement will facilitate the VIPD’s development of strategies to improve safety and security in and around public housing by ensuring onsite presence in several housing communities in both districts.

The goals and objectives of the agreement are community oriented to help reduce criminal activities and increase police presence. Some of the terms of the agreement are to hold regular meetings with the VIHA and Resident Advisory Boards or resident leaders to collaborate on crime intervention strategies.

Police will increase drive through patrols, stop, walk and talk to residents, establish zero tolerance for graffiti and junked vehicles, assist in the prosecuting of habitual offenders, and participate in crime watch meetings.

VIPD will participate with VIHA in providing training for residents and onsite management to develop crime prevention strategies unique to their needs. The VIPD will also provide, free of charge, local criminal background record of current tenants and applicants when requested by VIHA in writing.

The VIHA pledges to support community policing by fostering positive relations between staff and key stakeholders, respond timely to repairs and improve security.

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