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St. Croix Saturated Patrols Apprehend Eight Suspects

December 17, 2010
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St. Croix Saturated Patrols apprehended eight suspects on Friday, December 17 for various charges.


At about midnight Friday police were notified of a tampering with a vehicle and attempted burglary in Estate Diamond Ruby. Saturated patrols responded and immediately captured a 14-year-old male minor and 18-year-old male. Several officers including K-9s canvassed the area and apprehended two more 18-year-olds. Neighbors in the area told police that several vehicles were tampered with and one resident said burglars attempted to enter their home through a window.


Police searched the vehicle the suspects traveled to the area in belonging to one of the suspects and confiscated a semi automatic handgun which was found inside.


Kyle Greenidge, Luis Avites and Simaj Simpson were arrested at about 12:45 a.m. Saturday. The suspects are all 18-years-old and live in Estate Work and Rest. They were charged with Possession of an Unlicensed Firearm, Attempted Burglary and Vehicle Tampering. Bail was set at $25,000 each. The minor was remanded to the Youth Rehabilitation Center.


Kimo Urgent, age 32, was arrested at about 11 p.m. Friday at the Frederiksted Vegetable Market and charged with Possession of a Dangerous Weapon. Police confiscated a knife from Urgent and his bail was set at $10,000.  At the same time a 14-year-old minor was detained for Possession of a Controlled Substance when police noticed him discarding a vial containing marijuana near the vegetable market. His parents were called and he was remanded to the Youth Rehabilitation Center.


John Pakel was arrested for Driving Under the Influence at about 10:42 p.m. in the vicinity of 5 Corners, La Grande Princess. Police noticed that the vehicle Pakel was driving was swerving on the road. Pakel failed the Field Sobriety Test and was taken into custody.


Showayne Modeste, age 31 of Estate Bethlehem was arrested at about 9:29 p.m. in Christiansted and charged with Simple Possession of a Controlled Substance when police found marijuana in his possession. His bail was set at $500.


The first arrest of the night was at about 9:18 p.m. Friday. Police stopped 32-year-old Luis J. Moreno for a traffic violation and found that he did not have a VI driver’s license. When police searched the vehicle they found four laptop computers and an active wireless credit card scanner. The electronics were confiscated and the case remains under investigation. Moreno was arrested and charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle without a Valid VI Driver’s License.


Police Commissioner Novelle E. Francis Jr. congratulated the officers involved in saturated patrols for their swift action leading to these arrests. He also thanked the community for supporting these police initiatives that are sometimes inconvenient for the law abiding population.


Kyle Greenidge   Luis Aveles  Simaj Simpson


Kimo Urgent     John Pakel  Modeste Sherwayne


Luis Morero

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