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Traffic Accidents on St. Croix

December 19, 2010
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Traffic Investigation Bureau officers have been kept busy with several serious accidents recently in the same area of the Melvin Evans Highway.

At 5:46 a.m. Saturday, December 18 on the Melvin Evans Highway in the vicinity of the Clifton Hill intersection a vehicle flipped because the driver fell asleep. 29-year-old Eric Thomas Jr. was driving west in his 2004 Toyota Tacoma truck along with a 29-year-old male passenger. Thomas told police he fell asleep and when he awoke his car was on the concrete medium and then the vehicle flipped, landing on its side. During the accident a light pole and a “No U Turn” sign were knocked down and the passenger was ejected from the back cab, however there were no serious injuries to either the driver or the passenger.

Police said the driver will be charged with negligent driving and other charges.

And on Wednesday, December 15 a 26-year-old male driving a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer was in the right lane traveling east on the Melvin Evans Highway in the vicinity of the Estate Clifton Hill intersection, when a vehicle driven by 26-year-old Wanda Palacio exited Clifton Hill making a wide left turn heading east and sideswiped the Lancer causing it to lose control, ride up on the concrete medium and flip onto the west side of the highway. The driver was assisted by concerned citizens to escape the vehicle and seconds after he got out, the vehicle burst into flames. The driver escaped the accident unscathed. Palacio was charges with failure to stay as far to the left as possible.

On Saturday, December 11 there was a three car accident in the west bound lane in the same area on Melvin Evans Highway. Police said 26-year-old Nathanial Bidaud driving a Ford Escape at a high rate of speed slammed into a Jeep Wrangler stopped in a line of traffic. The Wrangler hit a Ford Taxi van that was stopped in front of it. Bidaud sustained serious spinal injuries and may be paralyzed. Two passengers in Bidaud’s vehicle were injured. A 33-year-old male passenger was treated for a fractured hip and the 29-year-old male passenger had minor bruises.

The male and female passengers in the Jeep Wrangler were tourists. They were extricated from the vehicle by St. Croix Rescue. The male was treated for a deep cut on his nose and the female had minor cuts and bruises. 

The driver of the Taxi van had minor bruises.

Police Commissioner Novelle E. Francis Jr. reminds drivers to slow down on the roads; don’t drive if you are tired and most importantly, do not allow yourself to be distracted even for a few seconds while you are driving because road conditions are constantly changing.

Motorists are cautioned to obey all posted speed limits and road signs and stay at least one car length, depending on the size of your vehicle, behind the car in front of you. When overtaking a vehicle, drivers must have at least 100 feet of clearance. Drivers are prohibited to overtake a vehicle where there is a solid or double line on the roadway, at intersections or where driveways are present.

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