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Man Arrested On False Imprisonment/Kidnapping And DV Charges

January 25, 2019

On January 22, 2019 at approximately 7:05 pm, a female reported that she was held against her will by a male acquaintance, Aaron C. Chiang.

Aaron C. Chiang
Aaron C. Chiang

She told Detectives that she asked Chiang to take her to her place of employment. However, he refused and took her to Point Udall instead, where he assaulted her.

The female victim indicated that she managed to convince Chiang to take her to Christiansted where she was able to call for help.

Chiang, 34 years old, turned himself in at the Wilbur H. Francis Command Police Station where he was advised of his Miranda Rights.

He gave a statement and admitted to holding the female against her will. He was placed under arrest and charged with False Imprisonment, Kidnapping, and Simple Assault/Battery DV.

Chiang was remanded to the Golden Grove Detention Facility pending advice rights hearing. No bail was set as per the DV Statue.

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