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The U.S. Virgin Islands and Its Surround Partners Using Cutting Edge Policing Communications, Intelligence and Information Sharing

April 23, 2019

Dr. Celvin G. Walwyn, Deputy Commissioner of Police, convened and hosted a meeting on Wednesday April 17, 2019 with law enforcement of the U.S. Virgin Islands, which included officers from the British Virgin Island to introduce L.E.N.S.S. (Law Enforcement Network Sharing Solution), which was demonstrated by Russel Sarpy, LENSS Founder.

LENSS Presentation
LENSS Presentation

To be effective in law enforcement to protect and serve all citizens and visitors alike, you must have real-time information and data. Making our police forces globally smarter, cost-effective and absolutely ‘in the know.’ It is about officer safety and those they protect with cutting edge A.I. logical technology.

Each officer, through LENSS, has real-time information either on the in-car laptop or Smartphone which they can add more details too with every call for service, incident or traffic stop.

Connecting all officers in real-time, including BOLO (Be On The Look Out) incidents that can cover all three islands and associated policing partners in the region within thirty seconds with details and photographs. Being used for active crime incidents and Amber or Silver Alerts.

LENSS is a two-way sharing of data/information with all officers in real-time on one screen, saving time, money and effort in this demanded crime-solving world.

Now, officers know what all other officers know’ to excel in efficiency and secure the community. Not just the officer’s observations but using License Plate Recognition cameras with LENSS enables more information at the fingertips of officers.

Russel Sarpy stated, "this association with LENSS takes the U.S. Virgin Islands policing and partners to an unprecedented level of security by not missing or losing street-level information that connects incidents and criminality."

All criminality is now front and center, including all forms of crime and safety, proactive Drug Task Force Interdiction, Money Mules, Money Laundering, Gun Running, Human (including Child) Trafficking and Smuggling.

LENSS is a global solution which has been in effect for five years in the U.S.A. with immense success and now expanding globally for all to benefit.

Revolutionary for the U.S. Virgin Islands; it partners and citizens/visitors alike. Dr. Walwyn stated, ‘the ultimate goal is to protect the entire Caribbean.’ These are no days of old, far-reaching LENSS technology makes the islands even more attractive for its immense tourism and ecological status.

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