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VIPD Crime Prevention Major Clean-Up Beautification Initiative

June 03, 2019

The Virgin Islands Police Department Crime Prevention Bureau in collaboration with the Honorable Senator Steven Payne, is scheduled to conduct a major clean-up and beautification initiative of the Police Athletic League Center located in WHIM.

The Police Athletic League Program (PAL) serves youth within the territory with career exploration, recreational, educational, cultural, and social programs.

Boys and girls ages 3 to 21 build for the future with a place to learn, grow, and dream.

The PAL Program has played an integral part in shaping the lives of many of our community’s youth who are now adults that are now serving in roles such as: Commissioners, Directors, Police, Teachers, Fireman, Business Owner, Military Personnel, Politicians and many more.

The PAL program which has served so many, is now in need of the community’s help. Several of the buildings being used are in dire need of repair and/or demolition. Overgrown bushes have taken over the entrance to the facility and some areas require painting.

Acting Commissioner Jason K. Marsh, the Honorable Senator Steven Payne and Acting Director Jacqueline Freeman, know the value and importance of programs such as these. They are reaching out to the community and asking for your support on Saturday, June 8, 2019 between the hours of 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM to give back to this program.

Bring your weed eaters, paint brushes, working crew, expertise and skills to assist with helping this facility to meet the requirements set forth by 34 Virgin Islands Code 384, which regulates and sets the standard for ALL who provide services to children ages 14 years and under.

The facility must be able to pass the inspections given by DPNR, Department of Health and the Fire Department prior to receiving a license to operate from the Department of Human Services. With ALL of us collectively working together, we will reach our goal of ensuring that the PAL Program will be available for our Youth Participants for the PAL - 2019 Summer Enrichment Program.

To get involved and/or contribute your services, you can contact Senator Steven Payne at (340) 626-4423 or Acting Director Jacqueline Freeman at (340) 344-4516.

Let’s make a difference!!

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