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Step Safely into the School Year: Walk Wise, Arrive Alive!

U.S. Virgin Islands - As students head back to school, it is essential to safeguard the well-being of pedestrians. The Virgin Islands Office of Highway Safety (VIOHS) highlights that pedestrian safety, particularly for students walking to and from school, is vital with everyone playing a role in ensuring their safety. Keeping our children safe on the roadways is of special concern as their inexperience and unpredictable tendencies lead to risky and random movements.

Here are few back-to-school safety tips for pedestrians:

  • Use Sidewalks Whenever Possible: Use sidewalks when available, and if there are none, walk facing oncoming traffic to increase visibility.
  • Wait for the Walk Signal: If there is a pedestrian walk signal at traffic lights, wait for it to indicate that it is safe to cross before stepping into the road.
  • Look Before you Cross: Always use marked crosswalks, where available, and look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Avoid Distractions: Put away electronic devices, headphones, and other distractions while walking on and crossing the road. Stay focused on your surroundings to stay safe.
  • Cross in Groups: When possible, cross the street with a group of students. There is increased visibility in numbers, making it easier for drivers to notice you.
  • Stay Clear of Parked Cars: Avoid walking between parked cars or behind them, drivers may not see you when they start their vehicles or pull out of parking spaces.
  • Be Patient: If traffic is heavy or if there is a complex intersection, wait for a safe opportunity to cross. Rushing can lead to accidents.
  • Educate Younger Children: If there are younger children or friends, educate them about pedestrian safety rules and set a good example when walking with them.

By following these simple tips, pedestrians can reduce the risk of crashes and enjoy a safe journey to and from school. Both pedestrians and drivers must be attentive and responsible on the roads to ensure a safe environment for everyone. Pedestrian safety is a shared responsibility.

For more information or to request a traffic safety presentation, contact the Virgin Islands Office of Highway Safety through Director Daphne O’Neal at or Law Enforcement Liaison LaShaunda Mobley at


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